Limits 2015

Jakub Jernajczyk, Limits 2016, KINO gallery, Wrocław, December 2015.

Installations presented at the exhibition was referring to the mathematical definition of the limit:

  • Limits of the Circle – continuous approaching of the arches to the straight
  • ZENO2 – dichotomic divisions of the plane
  • The Remainder – infinite approximation of irrational number
  • Definite Integral Figures – dynamic bodies integration

Photographs from the exhibition opening (by Agata Szuba):

Jakub Jernajczyk - GRANICE 2015, galeria KINO, 3.12.2015 (fot. A. Szuba)

The exhibition was part of the research project “A visualization of scientific issues – classic examples in new digital media”, funded by the Foundation for Polish Science.