Limits of Movement

multimedia installation, 2013

Granice ruchu

All three points visible on the screen move in a rotational movement along circles, however if looked at directly it seems to us that only the point located on the inside circle is moving. The key to this visual puzzle is the numerical relationships recorded inside the circles. They indicate how many rotations per second a particular point makes:

  • 1:43200 – the point will make one rotation after 43,200 seconds, i.e. after 12 hours. Therefore it moves at the speed of the hour hand of a clock.
  • 1:1 – the point makes one rotation per one second. Only the movement of that point can be observed directly.
  • 50:1 – the point makes 50 rotations per one second. Because the image in the discussed application is refreshed at the speed of 50 frames per second, the point is always exposed in the same spot, so its movement is not visible.

Work presented on exhibitions:

  • Spaces of Discrete Motion, Wrocław, Poland, November-December 2013;
  • Sytuacje (Situations), Wrocław, Poland, September 2014;
  • Hallo Wrocław 2016: System Error, Cluj-Napoka, Romania, November 2015;
  • In-motion, Łódź, Poland, October-November 2015;
  • InMotion – kinetic art exhibition, Wrocław, Poland, April 2016;
  • Polish Scientific Networks, Wrocław, Poland, June 2016;
  • MathArt around Vinci, Wrocław, Poland, September 2016.