Limits of a Circle

video installation, animated loop, 2015

J. Jernajczyk: Granice koła, 2015

This work refers to the mathematical and philosophical speculations of Nicolas of Cusa related to the examination of properties of indefinite objects. In the work On Learned Ignorance he discusses the relationship between the straight line and a curved line and notices that “(…) the circumference of the maximum circle, which cannot be greater, is minimally curved and therefore maximally straight”. Therefore the circumference of an indefinite circle must be the same as the straight line.

What Cusanus in his times could only have imagined, today we are easily able to present in the form of moving picture. The animated loop shows growing circles, the arches of which constantly tend to a straight line.

Work presented on exhibitions:

  • Michał Jędrzejewski i preteksty przestrzeni, Warszawa, Poland, November 2015;
  • LIMITS 2015, Wrocław, Poland, December 2015;
  • Polish Scientific Networks, Wrocław, Poland, June 2016;
  • MathArt around Vinci, Wrocław, Poland, September 2016;
  • MATRIX, Leeds, Great Britain, September 2016;
  • Młodzi w Muzeum. POZIOM NAJWYŻSZY, Wrocław, Poland, October 2016;
  • OBRAZ PORUSZONY, Wrocław, Poland, March-April 2017.

This work was realised as a part of the research project “A visualization of scientific issues – classic examples in new digital media”, funded by the Foundation for Polish Science.