Definite Integral Figures

video installation, animated loop, 2015

The screen shows the outline of a moving female body – figure. That shape becomes precise in static moments and in movement it loses its clarity.

The installation’s title is a play on words between ”integrals” (Polish: całka) and “body/figure” (Polish: ciałka). In geometrical interpretation definite integral corresponds to the area under a curve (under the graph of function) in a set out section. In theory, that area can be approximated by rectangular “bars”, the number of which tends to infinity (on a finite section), whereas the width of each one of the bars tends to zero.

In practice, we have to decide on some specified precision. For example, on the screen, a single bar will never be thinner than the width of a pixel.

Work presented on exhibitions:

  • LIMITS 2015, Wrocław, Poland, December 2015;
  • Polish Scientific Networks, Wrocław, Poland, June 2016.

This work was realised as a part of the research project “A visualization of scientific issues – classic examples in new digital media”, funded by the Foundation for Polish Science.